The drive from Cancun to Mahahual…

For anyone visiting Mahahual we all know about the drive. Flying to Cancun, the thought of will the plane get a gate or have to wait, the long long line-ups at customs and then the wait for luggage, then the RED button test! We have all been there, tired and/or excited just waiting to get out of the airport and smell that fresh humid air! I really hate the red light! however an interesting system the Mexicans use for random inspections. This is where the joy of carrying on comes in handy! avoiding the wait for luggage and usually bypassing hundreds of people to get out of the airport faster. It does work! If you are traveling for a week, generally you can fit most items in a carry on. I certainly have and I don’t mean just beach clothes. I don’t wear pants ever in Mexico, it’s just a thing of mine. I pack a few nice shorts, two board shorts, couple shoes, flip flops, shirts and toiletries and good to go! No high maintenance flyer here.

Now back to the drive. So we exit the airport and are greeted by the warmth of the Mexican sun and beautiful air. Whatever method of transportation we have the thought of the four hour ish drive comes to mind. Now I hear people complaining about the drive all the time and it literally drives me crazy! Some people spend four hours per day commuting to and from work and you are complaining about driving four hours to reach paradise! come on now. The majority of people visiting Mahahual will most likely spend three days to a week at a time, some even more upwards of 3 weeks plus. What is four hours? I met a realtor in Playa the other week who said; Mahahual it is so beautiful but it is just so far away. I actually had to laugh! I really enjoy the drive especially when leaving chaotic Cancun, Playa and Tulum and entering what I call real Mexico. Playa & Tulum are just too crowded and crazy for me, I really enjoy driving through the small villages. 

Now if you are planning on stopping in Playa or Tulum on the way down then yes you might want to spend the night. The highway is great, #307 is a two lane highway from Cancun all the way to Tulum. Generally very busy with lots of tourists and buses etc. After Tulum it goes to single lane and you lose cell signal until Felippe Carillo. The rest of the highway is great with good pavement, just beware of the topes! Yes I have hit one in a rental car at about 95 km/h and it was rather exciting. Our VW rental held up like a champ, no damage at all. But do be careful as some topes are not marked very well. The highway is drivable at night, I have numerous times without incident. I assume most people would not prefer to do this. Once you pass Felippe Carillo you pass through a couple small towns and then arrive at the left turn (east) to Mahahual. Be careful of the poorly marked speed curve a few miles down! The Mexican government really needs to put some signs up there. This last stretch always seems the longest, I am sure the frequent travellers to Mahahual will agree with me. However all that disappears once you arrive to beautiful Mahahual. When will the Chetumal airport expansion be completed?

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