Top 5 Mexico Real Estate Questions that we receive: 1. CAN THE MEXICAN GOVERMENT TAKE MY PROPERTY? Foreigners often worry about their property being expropriated. Under NAFTA Mexico may not directly or indirectly take property except for public purpose. Same as imminent domain in the USA. Where it is necessary swift and fair […]

The 6 Best Affordable Places to Retire Abroad

Each year, International Living magazine ranks the best foreign countries for Americans to retire to based on a dozen criteria including costs, health care, climate and more. Among the leaders from the 2018 rankings are these six countries where a retired couple can live very well for $2,000 to $2,500 a month… Costa Rica offers […]

Construction Update May 2018

Buenos Dias everyone! or Good Morning from paradise Mexico. The forms are off and our foundation is completed! We are very excited to see our project taking shape. Soon the first level (of four) will be constructed, we are approaching rainy season here soon which will cause some delays. For those who are new followers, […]

Construction Update April 2018

Good afternoon from paradise Yucatan, Mexico! We have concrete 🙂  Project update from our white sand beach in Yucatan, Mexico. Crews have been busy working through the Easter holidays here in Mexico. We have concrete & look at that view! Foundation will be completed by approximately April 19th. Only 5 units of 16 remaining, act now before they […]

Stock Market Drops -10.8% in Dow’s Largest Decline in History

The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) suffered its largest one-day drop in history Monday when it fell 1,175 points (-4.6%) and opened lower again on Tuesday, leading to losses of at least -10.8% and decimating the massive return on investment we’ve gotten used to seeing over the last couple of years. This is exactly the […]

Who is Caban Condos?

Who is Caban Condos? Caban Condos was born on a beach in southern Mexico in the summer of 2010. After visiting and vacationing in Mexico for many years, entrepreneur Mike Delaire from Saskatoon, SK Canada had a dream and a vision. He loved the people, the beaches, the food, the beauty and the nature of […]

The Rise of Yucatan Riviera Real Estate

The Riviera Maya is without a doubt one of the most popular tourist destinations in Mexico, but with rising popularity comes rising property prices, and the Mexican Caribbean coast is no longer an affordable option for some property buyers. If your budget just won’t stretch to Riviera Maya real estate prices, but the Yucatan Peninsula has stolen […]

How to Use Your IRA to Buy Real Estate the Right Way

Are you tired of the low returns in your IRA or 401k coming from traditional investments like stocks, bonds and mutual funds, but are unsure how buy real estate with a retirement account? If your IRA or 401k is managed by a large bank or brokerage firm, you have probably been steered toward a limited […]

BIG Projects Planned for the Yucatan Peninsula!

A tourist train, hotels, golf courses and a retirement community are among 16 projects that have been announced by the federal Tourism Secretariat (Sectur). This includes other parts of Mexico, not just Yucatan peninsula. Below is a list of projects planned solely for Yucatan Peninsula. The projects, which include five in Quintana Roo, Yucatan and Campeche […]

Reasons why you should be investing in the Yucatan Riviera!

Why you should be investing in the Yucatan Riviera! #cabantalks In this episode Parrish from Caban Condos talks to you about 3 important points as to why the Yucatan Riviera (Yucatan State) is the place to buy property NOW (apologies for the length) Merida and its beach towns of Progreso, Chelem, Chicxulub, Telchac, and San […]

America is retiring to Mexico in search of affordable golden years

Approximately 2 million American expatriates are currently living south of the border according to The Guardian and several other international publications. This number is increasing every year. This results from one of America’s largest demographic populations that are starting to come of age. Even the political strain between Mexico and the United States doesn’t seem to be stopping retirees […]

Reasons why you should be buying in the Yucatan Riviera (not Tulum)

If you are searching for where to buy in Mexico, I am sure you have come across many beautiful places this great country has to offer. You have most likely also come across busy places, crowded beaches to areas where it is just not wise to invest anymore. We want to talk to you and […]

10 Easy Steps To Buying In Mexico

  Ignore the incorrect myths and rumours, buying property is easy and yes legal in Mexico! Thousands of foreigners do every year, what are you waiting for? 1. Define Your Budget The first step in any financial transaction is determining how much you want to spend, and buying real estate in Mexico is no different. […]

Today was a good day! One step closer to construction in San Crisanto, Yucatan

It was a great feeling today, the feeling of something happening! We met today on site at our land in San Crisanto with our contractor as well as land biologist. The Yucatan Riviera has very strict building controls & guidlines in place for ocean front construction. This is a good thing! We nor they want […]

The Mexican city New Yorkers are making their second home

Tim and Marsha Weaver already have a name picked out for their vacation home in Mérida, Mexico. Last October, the Montclair, NJ, couple purchased a historic house with plans to transform it into a B&B named after a famous former occupant — Yucatán governor Felipe Carrillo Puerto. “He was a socialist who favored land reform, women’s […]

Five best places to live in Mexico include Merida and Riviera Maya

According to International Living, Mexico is not only the nearest destination abroad for U.S. and Canadian expats; it is also one of the most popular. More than a million expats are estimated to live in Mexico full- or part-time… the largest concentration of North American expats anywhere in the world. Of course, it helps that Mexico […]

‘Merida is Mexico’s most creative and affordable city’: Condé Nast Traveler

  After spending a few blissed-out days playing house in this cultural lightning rod of the Yucatán, you’ll want a fixer-upper of your own. Only here it’s actually doable, writes Paul Brady in the May 2017 issue of Condé Nast Traveler magazine. It’s approaching midnight and Genoveva de la Peña, an art teacher turned bee conservationist, is […]

Have you ever dreamed of ocean front ownership in paradise Mexico?

Ever thought about sipping a margarita by your own pool at your very own ocean front condo in Mexico? Ever thought about taking that morning dip in the ocean? Well these dreams are easily a reality! The Caban Condos team Mike & Parrish can easily make these dreams come true. Yes you can own property […]

Jorge Pérez, Trump’s “Latino friend,” to invest $100 million USD in Mexico

Jorge Pérez, a personal friend of Donald Trump and one of the most influential Latinos in the United States, revealed that Related Group will make an investment of 100 million US dollars in Mexico, for the construction of luxury real estate developments. “We have ongoing projects in Vallarta, Zihuatanejo and Cancún, with an investment of 100 million dollars, and […]

If Trump Wins, Don’t Move To Canada — Move To Mexico!

If Trump Wins, Don’t Move To Canada — Move To Mexico When elections get tense, Americans often joke that they’ll flee to Canada. Nothing against our northerly neighbor, but I am looking to move instead to Mexico. Beyond the incredible beaches, mezcal and tacos, the country has a lot going for it. These are 7 […]