Reasons why you should be buying in the Yucatan Riviera (not Tulum)

Yucatan Riviera

If you are searching for where to buy in Mexico, I am sure you have come across many beautiful places this great country has to offer. You have most likely also come across busy places, crowded beaches to areas where it is just not wise to invest anymore. We want to talk to you and introduce you to a place a little off the beaten path, a place where you can relax, unwind in peace, walk on virgin white sand, enjoy low cost of living and affordable real estate prices. A place where you don’t have to be a millionaire to own on the beach!

We are talking about San Crisanto in the Yucatan Riviera and more specifically Caban Condos – San Crisanto. We as developers know about up & coming areas, places that have not peaked from an investment stand point or places that are hot on the radar list. Look at the Riviera Maya for example, now I enjoy visiting Playa del Carmen, Tulum and even Cancun sometimes. Let me say that again, I enjoy visiting for a few hours or day. Would I own there? NO. Why? I myself do not like crowds, I get unhappy with crowds and prefer quiet beaches, I also prefer not being in over populated areas, I prefer not to pay “gringo” prices for food & beverage. I also prefer not to pay through the teeth for real estate. Nowadays you pretty much need to be a millionaire to own ocean front real estate in the Riviera Maya. Properties their have already reached maximum ROI potential from an investment point of view years ago. I am not in any way tying to badmouth the Riviera, I am simply just stating the facts that many people are starting to realize now. 

We thought, their must be people like us out there in this world who love Mexico and also think like we do. Who want peace & quiet, to have your own virgin white sand beach, who want to own a beautiful property on the ocean but something that is affordable, who also want a low cost of living and quality of life! San Crisanto and the Yucatan Riviera have all that and more! Located only 45 minutes to Merida the capital city rich in history & culture. The safest city & state in Mexico. Also with an international airport with many flight options & all the amenities you would ever need. Home Depot, Costco, Sam’s Club, Sears, fine dining & shopping etc. The history & culture of downtown centro Merida will amaze you! Walk the cobblestone streets, visit the famous cathedral, take a horse & carriage ride, see the architecture and culture, eat a Yucatecan dinner! The list goes on and on. CNN Money named Merida the #1 place to retire abroad, you can read the article here

Their is already a strong expat base in Merida and living on the beach in Progreso, Chelem, Chicxulub, Telchac & San Crisanto. These lucky folks have bought in early and will continue to enjoy excellent returns on their investments as this area continues to grow and grow.  The government has invested millions of dollars in providing infrastructure in the area, new highways etc. In Telchac their is a brand new multi million dollar marina project in construction now along with hotels & restaurants. As people that once looked to the Riviera Maya & other parts of Mexico are now looking here to invest. In fact the real estate market here is very hot with investors and buyers from all over the world including a strong presence from Europe. In fact HGTV just did a couple episodes featuring some beach properties here in the Yucatan! Channeling Chelem Beauty

When you can get into ownership of a beautiful brand new beach front condo for under $150,000 USD here, it is an incredible investment right now!  

The Caban Condos team Mike & Parrish are here to answer any questions you may have about the Yucatan or buying property in Mexico. We are also here to help you get into affordable ocean front ownership in San Crisanto.  Our new project about to break ground very soon offers ocean front entry level prices from only $135,000. With virgin white sand beaches that stretch for miles and miles, amazing sunsets and more. 

Some of the features of Caban Condos – San Crisanto:

3 bedrooms, 2 bath 1640 sq ft
Beautiful open floor plan with beautiful tile flooring & quartz/granite countertops
All appliances, washer/dryer
Fresh water pool & elevator
Security & maintenance
Optional rental program

**Penthouses feature private rooftop terrace with soaker pool, palapa, bar and TV! double the space!

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We have a proven track record in Mexico, with a successful project built and sold out in Mahahual. We can assure you that when you buy with Caban, you will have a beautiful property to enjoy for many years to come. With flexible payment plans and possible financing we make it easy for you to own in Mexico. We also work with the top notaries & lawyers to ensure you have a smooth transaction and title. Yes you can safely & legally own property in Mexico, let us show you how. Thousands of foreigners enjoy the benefit of owning in Mexico every year. From vacation usage, retirement, rental income and more. 

So what are you waiting for? contact us today to find out how soon you can be sipping a margarita in paradise in front of your own pool in Mexico!  Own with Caban Condos.

Thank you for reading and please do contact us if you have ANY questions at all.

Parrish Kondra

San Crisanto price list

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