Real Estate in Mexico

A smart purchasing decision for Mexico real estate in Costa Maya

This Strip Called Costa Maya Will Be Growing Rapidly

With the government’s development plans and heavy investment in infrastructure, Mahahual and the Costa Maya are becoming the next important tourist destinations in the Caribbean. Prices have doubled over the last several years, and are expected to increase 10% to 20% a year.

But it’s still not too late. Whether you’re looking for that paradise getaway or a great investment opportunity, you can still take advantage of reasonably priced Caribbean beachfront property. For most people, beachfront property to the north in areas like Tulum and Cancun is already beyond reach. The Costa Maya may represent the last chance you have to own a piece of paradise before it slips by.

Understanding Real Estate in Mexico

Predicting the future potential of Mexico real estate is fairly predicable once you understand the growth patterns. All of the great vacation hotspots, and consequently those with the highest Mexico real estate values, have been literally grown from nothing starting with a strategic investment by the Mexican government. The Mexican government has a proven strategy for bringing opportunity and growth to a region as they’ve shown time and again with cities like Cancun, Playa del Carmen, and Huatalco. Following the government’s lead about where to invest in real estate has so far proven to be a smart investment.

With the government having major development plans in mind, Costa Maya promises to become the next important tourist destination in the Caribbean. Development in the Costa Maya has just started to bloom, providing the perfect time to buy, RIGHT NOW, when prices are still affordable. This is the right moment to be insightful and think of the future.

make a great purchasing decision in Costa Maya Mexico real estateFactors Driving the Growth of Mahahual Real Estate:

Apart from the area’s natural Caribbean beauty, the catalyst that sparked growth in this area is a government backed initiative to attract investors and spark growth in the Costa Maya, including Mahahual. Mahahual was an obvious target for growth. For years, the town of Mahahual has attracted shoppers and visitors from Belize which lies just to the south. When the plans to beef up the Mexico real estate value in the Costa Maya, entrepreneurs began development in Mahahual.

Tourism: Alive and Thriving in Mahahual:

Since the government’s initiative to grow the Costa Maya, a 200 million dollar project has been approved to construct a Large International airport in Tulum just north of Mahahual and three new cruise ship docks have been built. Once the cruise ships started to port, growth in Mahahual exploded and continues to expand at a rapid rate. Cruise ships have been driving the tourism based economy and boosting Mexico real estate values in Cancun for years. Today Mahahual, the heart of the Costa Maya, is the budding new focus of tourism and real estate throughout the area is steadily on the rise and following in Cancun’s footsteps.