Mahahual Mexico on the Costa Maya

the town of Mahahual Mexico

MAHA-WHAT? Mahahual: pronounced Ma-ha-wahl and spelled interchangeably as Mahahual and Majahual

Mahahual is the newest vacation destination in the Mexican Caribbean. Come experience the magic, adventure and lifestyle of this small town. You won’t find any high rise hotels here, its just paradise!

If you haven’t heard of Mahahual, that’s not necessarily a bad thing if you’re thinking about investing in Mexico. Mexico real estate is a goldmine for investors who get in on new opportunities early and Mahahual is one of those golden locations. Mahahual today is a quaint coastal Caribbean fishing town, similar to Cancun and Playa Del Carmen in their early days. Mahahual has recently seen a surge in new construction, restaurants,hotels and retail. The brand new Hard Rock Cafe has just opened along with the second Senor Frogs location on the beach in the Town center of Mahahual.

Real Estate for Sale in Mahahual

real estate in Mahahual Costa Maya

Beautiful Condos on Mahahual beach

Real estate in Mahahual is about to become extremely valuable and for those who learn about this opportunity before the rest, there is a great deal of money to be made. The potential of Mahahual, Costa Maya, real estate is now in it’s infancy but is already turning over big profits. With the start of construction in 2012 of the New Large International Airport In Tulum, only an 75 min drive, and due to the large-scale effort by the Mexican government to develop the area into a thriving tourist location the prices are expected to DOUBLE over the next few years.