Best Restaurant in the World Now Open in Tulum, Mexico

Noma Mexico

Noma Mexico

The hottest restaurant on the planet is now open in Tulum, which lies less than one hour south of Playa del Carmen and just an hour and a half south of the Cancun International Airport. The beachfront town of Tulum was a natural choice for Noma Mexico, the latest brain child from Chef René Redzepi, who opened the pop-up restaurant April 12th and doors will close for good May 28th.

“We just wanted to come to Mexico,” Redzepi told Vogue“We decided on Tulum because we didn’t want to be in a city. Having already done two pop-ups, in Tokyo and Sydney, we wanted something quite small, intimate, and to be more in touch with nature.”

Just as important was the fact that Tulum offers easy access to every modern amenity you could wish for, brilliantly juxtaposed with its cool, eco-chic vibe and penchant for sustainability. 

Tulum restaurant

“At the same time, we need to be in a place with the existing infrastructure to support 145 team members – schools for our children, an international airport nearby, and then I also wanted to bring the team to a place I knew they would love,” Redzepi added. “To be able to swim every day in the Caribbean Sea before coming into the kitchen is simply once in a lifetime.”

Although tickets to dine at Noma Mexico and sample its reservation-only tasting menu are already sold out, they have been popping up on Craigslist (just be wary of wiring money) and there is also a walk-in only bar menu that is separate from the sold out tasting menu. So if you happen to be in Tulum and want to experience what it’s like to eat at the world’s best restaurant, here’s your chance!

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Why Tulum?

In recent years, Tulum – indeed Mexico’s entire Riviera Maya region – which stretches south from Cancun through some of the world’s prime beachfront real estate – has emerged as a top vacation destination among international jet setters, as well as travelers of all types from the United States, Canada and Europe, to name only a few of the countries worldwide that have seen a major uptick in travel to Mexico lately. With plenty of luxury condos, boutique hotels and an amazing beach club, it’s really not surprising that Tulum is no longer Mexico’s best-kept secret.

Tulum beach

Tulum beach

And if safety is a concern, Tulum should definitely be high on your list, because Mexico’s entire Riviera Maya is actually much safer than many popular cities in the U.S., including Miami and Washington D.C. Can’t believe it? Just ask anyone living in Tulum and they’ll be happy to tell you how wonderful this part of Mexico really is. Of course, the weather in Tulum is also second to none, with highs averaging between the low-80’s in May to the mid-70s in January, and there are plenty of ancient Mayan ruins to explore in this part of Mexico’s Riviera Maya.

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